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Use wall lighting to illuminate every room in your stylish home.

Wall lights are a brilliant way to brighten up the modern home. Promising incredible style and maximum functionality, wall lamps bring a chic, sophisticated touch to any room. Gorgeous on their own, yet the ideal complement to other light fixtures, wall lights are a stylish and unexpected way to give your space the lighting it’s been missing. From candelabras to sconces to multi-light fixtures, Biz & Haus has the perfect light for any setting.

Choosing wall lights for any room


When it comes to wall lighting, it’s important to spend some time considering various fixture styles. The style of your lighting can go a long way toward creating a specific design aesthetic in your space. Whether you wish to complement an existing decor style, match your ceiling lights, create an eclectic, boho look with mix-and-match fixtures, or base an entire room renovation on your wall lights, the style of your lighting should be a primary focus.

Bohemian wall lights bring a charming, earthy vibe to your home, while modern lights complete any contemporary space with a polished and pulled-together look. Traditional wall lighting takes a timeless approach to illumination, and farmhouse lights bring a rustic, down-to-earth feel to the room. Industrial designs lend themselves well to raw, architectural spaces. Hone in on the design style that speaks to you. Narrowing down your lighting options by style is an incredibly smart way to land on a fixture that truly brings your vision to life.


Modern wall lighting comes in a wide variety of hues. While it can be easy to fall into the trend of matchy-matchy hardware, there is also something undeniably unique and edgy about mixing and matching colors throughout your home. Making a space your own is the goal, and interior design can be a fun, exciting process.

Choose black wall lights for a sleek, rich look, or go take a bright, clean approach with white lighting. Opt for brass wall lamps to embrace a classic design scheme, or choose metallic gold or silver fixtures instead to make a rich and sophisticated statement. Lean toward earthy, natural tones, such as brown or beige, to complement a neutral color palette. Choose clear fixtures for their reflective, uncomplicated beauty. The possibilities are truly endless.


Lighting materials have come a long way over the years, with each one boasting its own unique advantages. Contributing significantly toward the overall design style of the light, materials can make a bold and dramatic statement. Glass wall lamps can be completely contemporary or truly traditional, while metal fixtures might lean toward industrial or rustic. Beaded or wrapped lights might incorporate wood, wicker, or rattan for a textured look. Mix and match materials for endless visual appeal, or go for a more simple, minimalist look with a single material.


When choosing any type of lighting, it’s wise to think about the scale of your space, the size of your other lighting, and the amount of light your space requires. These factors are crucial when choosing a practical wall light. If your space is limited, a smaller fixture with a single bulb might be the perfect fit. 

For large, spacious areas, multi-bulb fixtures or oversized wall lighting may be a better option. Perhaps your room contains oversized furniture and large floor lamps, and it needs a fixture that follows suit. Maybe you’re working with a more modest room with smaller table lamps and unassuming furniture. To help you visualize a new wall fixture in your space, use painter’s tape to outline the dimensions of your prospective lighting on the wall. This can be a helpful and easy tool when determining the appropriate size for a new wall fixture.

Uplights vs. Downlights

Uplights and downlights clearly differ in style and appearance, but their differences don’t stop there. For large spaces requiring ambient lighting, uplights are the best option. For smaller rooms or areas that require task lighting, downlights are an excellent choice. Determining whether your space is best suited for an uplight or a downlight is helpful when choosing the perfect lighting.

Design a unique, beautifully-decorated home with help from wall lighting.

Creating a layered and well-edited look is easy with the incredible, exclusive selection of wall lamps at Biz & Haus. Whether you’re shopping for your entire home or replacing a single fixture, we’ve got you covered with fast and free shipping. From whole-home renovation to a quick and simple upgrade, our wall lights are sure to give you a well-lit, carefully-curated space.



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