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Add comfort and charm to any space with a collection of throw pillows.

Accent pillows are among the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate a pop of color or a hint of pattern into your bedroom, living room, outdoor living area, and beyond. Tossing a couple of festive holiday accent pillows onto the sofa creates instant warmth. Adding weather-resistant outdoor throw pillows to your patio or poolside retreat is a simple way to create that polished, party-ready back yard. The options and uses are truly endless!

How do I choose the right pillow for each space?

Throw pillows are effortless and foolproof, making them an ideal addition to any interior design scheme. However, there are also a couple of ways to ensure that your designer throw pillows are the perfect fit for your room.

First, think about the scale of your furniture to determine the appropriate size for your pillows. If you’re outfitting a twin-sized bed, for example, you’ll want to choose smaller accent pillows. If you have a spacious king-sized bed, lumbar pillows and oversized throw pillows are equally dramatic accompaniments. Likewise, a small loveseat or sofa would look best with small pillows, while a sectional could benefit from large-scale accent pillows.

Another important consideration is the color scheme you’re hoping to complement. Pillows are a fun and fast way to switch up the look in any space. Take full advantage of the opportunity to incorporate dramatic designs, unique shapes, eye-catching patterns, and bold colors. Embrace a cool-toned palette with blue, gray, green, or even pink pillows. Use brown, yellow, or orange pillows to add warmth and excitement. Choose white, black, or natural-colored pillows for clean contrast.

Throw pillows can also serve as an extension of your existing design aesthetic. Handmade or natural fiber pillows lend themselves to a boho vibe, while hide and leather accent pillows add texture and depth to rustic spaces. Whether your home is cottage-inspired, coastal-chic, modern, or traditional, it’s easy to find accent pillows that complete the look.

Another unique way to use pillows is to opt for a few convenient and comfortable floor pillows. Floor pillows provide additional seating, but they also give a living room or playroom a laid-back, friendly, and hygge feel. Perhaps best of all, they’re easy to store as needed.

How many pillows should I use in each room?

Customizing your space is all about designing an ambiance that feels inviting to you. If you think of yourself as a minimalist, a couple of throw pillows on a bed or couch might be just enough to create the welcoming, yet clutter-free environment you prefer. If you revel in comfort and relaxation, a large, mix-and-match collection of throw pillows might be just what you crave. One of the many benefits of throw pillows is that they’re so easy to incorporate into a room. Move a couple from the bedroom to the sofa, stick one on your entryway bench, or use a few to cozy up a sitting area - the possibilities (and versatility) are endless.

Pillows make an impactful addition to every space.

Uncomplicated and unbelievably comfortable, throw pillows are home accents that truly never go out of style. Whether you’re decorating for Christmas, updating your living room on a budget, or creating a beautiful outdoor living area, accent pillows make perfect sense. As decorative as they are functional, pillows are right at home in just about every room. At Biz & Haus, you’ll find an unbeatable selection of beautiful, high-quality pillows to give your whole home an effortless update - and they all ship free!