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Lighting is the perfect way to update and brighten any space.

If you’ve spent any time adoring the picture-perfect homes on Pinterest lately, you’ll notice one common trait - great lighting. Not only does beautiful lighting tie every room together by bringing your design style and color palette into focus, but it also has the ability to create the well-lit ambiance your space deserves. Whether you’re renovating your home, building a new house, or just looking for an easy and impactful way to update one room, stylish, modern lighting is the answer. At Biz & Haus, you’ll find a stunning selection of high-quality and well-appointed lights for any application.

How to use lighting to transform every room in your home

Lighting is arguably the most functional, necessary component in your home. You use lighting every single day for a variety of reasons. While it may be incredibly practical, lighting can also make a surprising statement in any space.


When guests enter your home, they’ll immediately scan their surroundings to get a feel for the style and layout of your home. A beautiful chandelier or eye-catching ceiling light is the perfect way to set the scene for the rest of your carefully-curated home. A simple, understated pendant light is the perfect addition to a minimalist space, while a dramatic, elegant chandelier makes a brilliant and sophisticated addition to a grand foyer. Deciding on a style and size for your entryway lighting is the best way to narrow down the options and make a selection that works beautifully in your home.

Living Room

Perhaps you’re going for a cozy, eclectic aesthetic in your living room, and you want a boho ceiling light to complete the look. Maybe your style leans toward contemporary and cool, and wall lighting suits your space best. Consider the natural light that enters your living room from any nearby doors or windows. Do you like a moody, romantic space, or does a bright and airy vibe appeal to you more? Choose lighting that not only reflects the design style you love, but also plays into the ambiance you prefer.


Kitchens are among the most frequently-used spaces in most homes. From dinner preparation to chores to quick snacks at the kitchen island, it’s important to choose the right lighting for those day-to-day comings and goings. Opt for a chic pendant in your breakfast nook or above your kitchen sink. Select a fun, statement-making ceiling fixture to hang above your island or bar. Replace the boring lights in your pantry with something more exciting - think LED lighting in a fresh, contemporary style. You’ll be stunned when you realize how bright, cheerful, and updated your kitchen can look with fresh, new lighting.

Dining Room

Whether you have a formal dining space or a casual dining room, the right lighting can make all the difference. Create an inviting, timeless atmosphere with a traditional ceiling lamp. Hang several LED pendant lights at varying heights for an artistic, avant garde, custom look. Choose rustic wall fixtures to add farmhouse style to your daily dining experience. Creating a refined dining room is easy with excellent lighting.


Bedrooms should be relaxing, inviting, and warm. A poorly-lit bedroom can put a damper on your bedtime routine, making for a rough night’s sleep. Choose an elevated pair of table lamps to make your nightstands more useful and polished, or go for a more unique look with wall-mounted lamps above either nightstand. Choose an intricate, beaded, bohemian chandelier as the main focal point in your bedroom, or go for a more modern chandelier or pendant for a sleek look. Create a cozy reading nook with an overstuffed chair and a floor lamp. Give yourself the gift of a revamped, well-lit bedroom - and upgrade your bedding while you’re at it!


Getting ready for work, showering, doing the kids’ bath time routine - it can all start to feel a little mundane. With reimagined lighting, your bathroom can feel like a tranquil and tailored spa. Upgrading your bathroom lighting is an interesting way to carry the decor style you’ve selected for the rest of your house into an oft-forgotten space. New wall fixtures above your vanity mirror or a new ceiling light can instantly freshen up your bathroom for a more stylish and serene setting.

Laundry Room

Laundry might be a dreaded chore, but a gorgeous laundry room can breathe new life into an otherwise boring space. Switch out that builder-grade ceiling light for a fun pendant or small chandelier for a quick and simple update.


Productivity is directly affected by your work environment. A poorly-lit office can turn that mid-afternoon slump into a sudden halt in performance. If your desk is simply missing a table lamp, your space needs a little extra boost with a floor lamp, or your overhead lighting is lacking, it’s a smart idea to focus some attention on your lighting. Whether you’re working from home or driving to the office every day, proper lighting is sure to make a dramatic difference in your daily work routine.

Give every part of your home a bright and layered new look with upgraded lighting.

No matter your style preferences, lighting is a vital part of the design aesthetic and ambiance of each and every space. Complementing your furniture and decor with coordinating lighting instantly makes a room feel polished and defined. At Biz & Haus, we offer all the latest trends in lighting. Your home will be revamped in no time with our fast and free shipping!



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