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Use stylish, boho decor to bring charm and personality to your home.

When it comes time to put the finishing touches on your home, you’ll probably find yourself searching for decor that fits a certain theme. Whether you’ve chosen a modern design aesthetic, a rustic decor scheme, or something completely different, it can be all too easy to fall into a decorating rut. Embracing an eclectic, one-of-a-kind look removes the pressure of perfection and allows for complete decorating freedom. Pairing bohemian decor with your existing accent pieces is the best way to create a special space you’ll love for years to come. At Biz & Haus, you’ll find a breathtaking selection of home decor and accessories to bring balance, personality, and refinement to each room in your well-appointed home.

Home Decorating Tips

Mirrors are a must-have addition to any space. Not only do they bring dimension and beauty, but they also reflect light and create the illusion of a more spacious and pulled-together room. Mirrors have a unique ability to quickly and easily transform a space. Because they’re available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and styles, mirrors are a brilliant way to add depth and drama to your beautiful home.

Whether you’re adorning a bedroom or accessorizing a living room, you truly can’t go wrong with a gorgeous, cozy throw. Throw blankets add texture and style to any space. They are the perfect opportunity to introduce a fun pop of color, play up an existing decor aesthetic, or create a homey, welcoming atmosphere. Build a collection of throws to swap out regularly for an ever-evolving, fresh feel, or switch out your throw at the start of each season to keep your home as festive and fun as possible. If you love a boho space, incorporating throw blankets is an easy and versatile way to achieve that textured, layered look.

Wall art is the perfect addition to every well-edited space. Neglected walls can give off a plain and boring vibe, leaving the room feeling unfinished. Incorporate family heirlooms, personal photos in chic, modern frames, textured wall hangings, and artwork in a variety of mediums - canvas, metal, wood, and more. Creating a bohemian environment begins and ends with an eclectic mix of design styles, colors, and textures. Your wall art should reflect your interests, design preferences, and personality. Combining old, meaningful pieces with fresh, new wall decor is a foolproof way to make an impactful and timeless statement.

Accents provide an exciting opportunity to try new things with your interior design. Incorporate figurines or statues into your eye-catching mantel. Add decorative trays to your ottoman, or adorn your sofa table with a selection of decorative bowls. Design an artistic, avant garde tabletop arrangement with help from a sculptural vase. From coastal-chic lanterns to practical, yet pretty baskets to decorative jars and beyond, tabletop decor is a fun way to create a polished and layered look on any surface in your home or office. Much like wall decor, accent pieces can be mixed and matched for a completely boho and beautiful end result. Hand-me-down home decor combines seamlessly with new, contemporary pieces for a one-of-a-kind grouping.

Poufs are as functional as they are decorative. These inviting, quirky, and fun accents can be used as foot rests, seating, or even a soft landing spot for your laptop. Perfect for living rooms, play rooms, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, and more, poufs are an unexpected way to play with patterns, colors, styles, and textures. Make a bold choice with a bright hue, keep it neutral for a bright and clean look, or choose a multi-colored pouf for a brilliant and exciting accent.

Design the home you love with a refined selection of decor.

Making your house feel like a home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With the carefully-curated, unbeatable selection of home accents available at Biz & Haus, decorating your home is more exciting and effortless than ever. Pair some stylish poufs with a statement-making rug. Coordinate a lovely new throw with a selection of cozy pillows. Turn a boring bedroom into a beautifully-decorated oasis. Transform your boring living room into a hygge lounge spot. Create an outdoor living area that uses nature itself as the focal point. When it comes to decorating your home, nothing is off limits! You’ll be stunned at the end result when you give those fine details some extra attention. Our stylish selection of home decor always ships free!